Science Course

Science Course


Our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) is aimed at people who are planning to further their education and state a science career. It is suited for those who have an interest in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology and would like to enter employment in various fields such as hospitals, laboratories, cosmetics, food science, forensics and research industries. 

There are no formal entry requirements for this Access to HE Diploma (Science), however, most universities will require a GSCE qualification in English and Maths or Functional skills to study further education. If you do not have these already, you can study them with us. 

This course equips you with knowledge in scientific theories and practices and gives you the opportunity to gain study and research skills. It also prepares you for university by giving you organisational confidence to progress to higher education.


  • Course length: 1 Year (September – July) (If you already have GCSE Maths, English and a Science eg Biology, Chemistry & Physics Grade 4 and above). If you don’t have GCSE’s the duration will be 16 months.
  • Total Credits: 60
  • Level attained: Level 3
  • Assessments: Reports, Exams, Coursework
  • Registration: £675
  • The balance of £2,674 is paid over 10 months, £200 each month.  
  • Total Course fee: £3,349


  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy

Course Content

  1. Organic Chemistry (3 credits)
  2. Fundamentals of Chemistry (3 credits)
  3. Periodic Table, Ionisation Energies
    and Redox (3 credits)
  4. Thermal Properties of Matter (3 credits)
  5. Medical Physics 1 (3 Credits)
  6. Disease and body defence (3 credits)
  7. Cells, Tissues and Organs for Healthcare (3 credits)
  8. Cardiopulmonary System (3 credits)
  9. Homeostasis for Healthcare (3 credits)
  10. Musculoskeletal System (3 credits)
  11. Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  12. The Effects of Stress (3 credits)
  13. Criminological Psychology (3 credits)
  14. Independent Academic Study (Science) (6 credits)
  15. Communication – Reading and Writing (3 credits)
  16. Communication – Speaking and Listening (3 credits)
  17. Application of Number – Calculation (3 credits)
  18. Application of Number – Data Interpretation (3 credits)
  19. Using ICT for Study (3 credits)