Director of Studies


Founder/ Director
After 15 years of lecturing in Further Education colleges and witnessing many adult students dropping out because of issues with children, family, or work, I decided to start a flexible education approach.

James Preston

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Kevin Muhirwa

Marketing Officer

Phycology Tutor

I am a passionate educator, and a lifelong learner. I am interested in almost any topic and enjoy listening to lectures and reading non-fiction. I realised that the only way to employ this passion was to share it with others and therefore after I completed a BA degree, I studied a PGCE in further education. This enable me to teach 16+ where I can really dig into abstract concepts and critical thinking with students. I learn so much from students and believe in that every lesson is snapshot of the community of learning we create together. I wanted to understand more about how to advance my teaching and earned a QTLS which is a badge of professionalism for teaching in the post 16 education sector. My main interest is what is the self and what makes a human life, this interest lies at the intersection of psychology, sociology and philosophy.
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