Pre-Access Course



Course summary

Our Pre-Access course is suited for adults who have been out of the education system for a while and wish to return to education to attain skills needed to study Access to Higher Education Course. It is tailored for those who do not have the GCSE grades to progress to further education. This Course will prepare you for further education as it is specifically designed to support progression to Access to HE Diplomas.

This course covers a range of units including Mathematics, English and Study Skills and prepares you for Higher Education stidies


Course content

  • Course length: 6 months
  • Total Credits: 24
  • Level attained: Level 2
  • Assesments: Reports, Exams, Coursework
  • Registration: £120 followed by 5 instalments of £166 paid on/before the 1st of every month with a final instalment of £167.
  • Total Course fee: £1120

Each module carries a number of assessments. Depending on the module you will be assessed through  a combination of the following; formal reports, presentations, and written assessments

Optional Units

  • Spreadsheet Software (4 Credits)
  • Word Processing Software (4 Credits)
  • Cells and Cell function (3 Credits)

Course content

  1. Research Skills (3 credits)
  2. Improving Punctuation and Grammar Skills (3 Credits)
  3. Speaking and Listening Skills (3 credits)
  4. Improving Spelling Skills (3 credits)
  5. Reading Strategies (3 Credits)
  6. Data Handling and Probability (3 credits)
  7. Using Algebra and Graphs (3 credits)
  8. Using Calculations
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